Skillshare Vocal Production Editing How to Prepare a Vocal for Mix TUTORiAL FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 22 February 2022 | 182 MB
Hey there, I’m Joel and I’ve been a music creator for over 15 years now. And in the span of my music career so far, I have worn many hats from performer to engineer and producer. To this day, some of the most consistent and rewarding work I have had is in the realm of vocal production (with over 150 songs I’ve worked on in this past year alone). In this course, I want to share with you my experience in vocal editing.

Regardless how clean a recorded vocal performance is, when it comes time to create a pro sounding piece of music (with vocals), there will need to be vocal editing 1st and foremost. In this course, I have narrowed the focus down to 6 main areas so you can get great results fast. The areas of focus will be the ability to edit background noise, breaths, plosives, and sibilance. I have also included sections on comping and rhythmic alignment of vocals. Also, regardless of what DAW you use, these techniques will work.

Whether you are a producer, engineer, vocalist, or all of the above, this quick and concise course will get your vocal editing chops in shape in no time, and your music sounding much more pro. I look forward to helping you on the journey. See you inside.

Course Outline

•Remove Background Noise
•Plosives (P and B sounds)
•Sibilance (Ess and Sh)
•Rhythmic Alignment (Quantize/Groove)



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