Curtiss King Chop Chef FL Studio Sampling Master Class Bonus MULTiFORMAT FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 14 April 2022 | 10.9 GB
Sampling is a true artform.
But sampling is more than just cutting and pasting through ear candy. The Chop Chef course is a Sampling Master Class for FL Studio producers seeking to learn the keys to decoding, composing, organizing, and mixing their sample based production.


•1. Introduction
•2. Where To Find Your Samples
•3. How To Pick Samples
•4. How To Find The Key And BPM In Any Sample
•5. Chopping Techniques: Edison Method
•6. Chopping Techniques: FL Slicer Chopping
•7. Chopping Techniques: Manual Playlist Chopping
•8. Chopping Techniques: Sample Stacking
•9. How To Add Character To Your Samples
•10. How To Add A Bassline And Keys To Your Sample
•11. How To Arrange Your Sampled Beats
•12. How To Mix And Sidechain Your Samples
•13. How To Create Your Own Vintage Samples
•14. How To Create Your Own Vintage Drum Breaks
•15. Sampling A Song From Scratch (Method 1)
•16. Sampling A Song From Scratch (Method 2)
•17. Conclusion

•One Time Payment
•4+ hours of video training
•3GB + Free Sounds
•Free Mixing Presets

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