Skillshare Synthesis 202 Logic ES2 TUTORiAL FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 18 April 2022 | 1.31 GB
The software being used is Logic Pro X’s ES2 Synth, but the underlying concepts are transferable to the majority of other software and hardware synthesizers on the market.

This course is structured progressively, covering all the building blocks and different methods of synthesis commonly used.
Throughout the course there are animations demonstrating the concepts visually, so you can see as well hear the sound.

There are also example patches available to download that cover common types of sounds such as: basses,leads, pads and sequences.

This course is designed to be an in depth, comprehensive look at synthesis and on completion you will have all the basic knowledge required to kick start your own sound design journey.

So if you are ready to ditch the presets and learn how to create your own original sounds then this is the course for you!

Project Description

Project: Create a Wavetable Pad
In this project you asked to create a wavetable ‘Pad” sound using the digital waveforms in the ES2.

•You must use a digital waveform for at least one of the oscillators.
•Using the ‘router’ section you must modulate through the ‘wavetable’ using a modulator (such as an LFO or envelope).
•Your pad sound must have an appropriate amplitude envelope for envelope 3 (i.e slow attack, maximum sustain and long release)
•Your patch should be polyphonic.



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