Riemann Kollektion Riemann Background Noises 3 WAV DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 21 Apr 2022 | 221.7MB
This is the third edition of background noises with cinematic atmospheres, subsonic rumbles and modular synth noises.

Between the drums there is often something missing which cannot be filled out with more drums or reverb. In this pack you can find the missing element which are noise soundscapes and atmospheres as well as vinyl crackles and bass-rumble. Simply put them in low volume below your beats and sidechain them with your drums and put a filter on top for instance or layer them below movie scenes.

The noise loops are perfect for modern Industrial Techno but also useful for all other genres where a dirty organic sound is desired.

The 50 one shot noises contained in this pack can be used in a sampler for layering on top of drum hits for instance to spice them up and add some dirtyness to them. They also function as ghost notes or fx as well as experimental drum hits.

Download contains:
111 x 24-bit Wav files (279MB)

What’s Inside
10 Atmosphere Loops
30 Noise Loops
5 Rumble Loops
5 Vinyl Noise Loops
50 Oneshot Noises
01 Drum Loop



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