Wingfox 2D And 2 5D Digital Matte Painting for Production with Jie Zhou

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Duration 8h 35m Project Files Included MP4

Title: Wingfox – 2D And 2.5D Digital Matte Painting for Production with Jie Zhou

Matte Painting is a skill that is applied in movie production to create a non-existing or incomplete scene and vibe. The reason why it is called skill but not technique is that it combines plane-composition technique and the art of painting. Matte Painting is highly required in the fields of movie scenes, game concept and visual composition. This is a Hollywood VFX pipeline Matte Painting course, by the collaboration of Wingfox and Jie Zhou, senior Matte Painter of Mill Film, Canada.This course is a systematic Matte Painting course with practices. After you got the hang of the course, you can deal with professional VFX pipeline work of Matte Painting. This is a course that accompanies you from a beginner to a master.






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