Classical Guitar Essentials Advanced Part 1 TUTORiAL

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It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start playing an advanced classical guitar music. This is my 5th course in the series “Essential Classical Guitar”, and you are about to enter the advanced level.

Over the last four courses we established a very solid base to build upon it. If you’ve been following the courses, this one will take you a few steps forward in your journey.

The first section is dedicated to study the Bar chords, something all beginners struggle with and even some intermediate players. We will learn about the Major and Minor bar chords only, the rest will be covered in later courses.

The second section we are dealing with the technical work for Grade 3 of London College of Music. This is where you are right now, so you need to learn this. Knowing the scales and arpeggios of this grade gives you a huge advantages and technical abilities to be able to play the music pieces.

Next, we dive into the repertoire of Grade 3 with three of my favorite pieces: Aria, Andante by Sor, and Valse. These pieces will test your skills and your bar chord abilities, and of course prepare you if you want to take the real exam.

After this, I dedicated two sections to music theory. Learning where the minor scales comes from, what are the relative keys, and how chords are constructed and other theory stuff is part of being a musician. Don’t worry about it, I explain everything with ease and link it to stuff you already know.

Then we have something new, an entire section for the finger-style technique. I always thought that classical guitar is the father of the finger-style technique, so from now on every course I will do will have a section about that. This will enable you to play pop or rock songs like “Stairway to heaven”, or Simon and Garfunkel songs with ease and joy, so don’t skip it.

Finally, I end the course with a Concert Piece called “13 Days in France” by Francis Lay, a beautiful melody with everything you learned about bar chords and finger-style in there.

It’s time to take action and join more than 7000 students who took my courses.

See you on the other side.

What you’ll learn
•Take Grade 3 London College of Music exam
•Have an understanding of Intermediate music theory
•Play advanced classical guitar pieces
•Learn 2 patterns for finger-style guitar

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