30 Day Singer Classical Singing TUTORiAL FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 03 May 2022 | 208 MB
Welcome to your classical technique tutorial! Classical singing is characterized by maximum resonant space, liberal use of vibrato, pure vowels, and blending of the vocal registers. Before we jump in, there are two areas you should have a good grasp on. First is your posture: the exercises we’re about to do will be best if you practice them standing tall, shoulders back and down, chest and ribcage lifted, and head floating freely above the spine. Second is your breath support: we’re taking low breaths that move the ribs, belly, and back, and as we sing, we keep the chest and ribs lifted, slightly engaging the abdominal muscles “down and out”. If all of that is new to you, check out my tutorial on vibrato! There’s an entire video there dedicated to breath support. Then come back and join me here.



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