The Foundry Katana 5 0v3 Win x64

The Foundry Katana 5.0v1 Win
Are you ready for the age of the Super-Artist?

It’s just round the corner—no longer will lighting artists lose hours of productivity thanks to the power of Katana<>Nuke, connected.

Katana 5.0 allows look development and lighting artists to stream their live renders to a running version of Nuke, so they can view their work in context of the final comp, in near-real time. Any changes made in Katana automatically update in Nuke for a more holistic view of the creative process.

Seamlessly collaborate, reduce feedback loops, and holistically achieve that perfect final render.

Katana 5.0 brings:

Interoperability between Katana and Nuke
USD workflow enhancements
Foresight+: unrestricted live rendering
Quality of life improvements






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