Sarah Maria Sun Folk Songs 2022

FLAC (tracks), Lossless | 55:56 | 219  Mb
Classical, Instrumental, Jazz

The decades between the two world wars witnessed vast changes in the way folksongs and other music of proud and disappearing populations and traditions were captured. From the beginning of the century Cecil Sharp (his ideology and motivation much criticized in later decades) had been passionate about the musical and folkloric value of folksong, which he notated on his extended forages through English villages and, during the First World War, Appalachia. Yet the advances in recording technology in the 1920s made Sharp’s pencil and field notebook, his staunchly diatonic framework and proto nationalism, seem old fashioned and undesirable. Others differently motivated signed up to this new discipline – in Truro, Somerset, Mississippi, the Carpathian Basin and beyond – with nascent recording technology their ally. In so doing they etched and forever altered the sound of the twentieth century.
1. It’s alright honey (Worksongs)
2. Sur le bord de l’eau (Worksongs)
3. Where did you sleep last night (Worksongs)
4. No more, my Lawd (Worksongs)
5. I am going to Memphis (Worksongs)
6. Chanzuns popularas rumanchas (Chanzuns popularas rumanchas)
7. Black is the colour (Folk Songs)
8. I wonder as I wander (Folk Songs)
9. Loosin yelav (Folk Songs)
10. Rossignolet du bois (Folk Songs)
11. A la femminisca (Folk Songs)
12. La donna ideale (Folk Songs)
13. Ballo (Folk Songs)
14. Motettu de tristura (Folk Songs)
15. Malurous qu’o uno fenno (Folk Songs)
16. Lo fiolaire (Folk Songs)
17. Azebaijan love song (Folk Songs)





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