Robot And Advance Steel From Scratch Under Construction

Last updated 10/2020
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Robot and Advance Steel from Zero

What you’ll learn
Warehouse Modeling in Robot structural analysis
Design of all elements of warehouse
wind load Simulation
Connections Design
Portal frame Design
Advance Steel Basics
Elements Modeling
Connections Modeling
basic knowledge of structural Engineering
Robot structural Analysis In this course, you will learn how to model and analyze and design a steel warehouse from scratch using Eurocode. you will learn how to design all elements (columns, rafters, bracing, wind columns, side rails, purlins…) you will learn how to draw the cladding, assign loads and generate wind loads. you will learn how to design connectionsBeam – beam connectionbeam – column connectionbase connection. In this Course you will learn how to use the Advance steel program perfectly. 1-Grids creation and editing by many methods. 2-Elements Modeling (Column,beam,Welded, double sections, Folded beam, tapered , Aluminum Section and others) 3-plates Creation and editing. 4-Extended Elements (Portal frame, mono-pitch frame, bracing, purlins and Truss) 5-Connections (Anchor, holes, shear studs) Base plate Connection, Frame knee connection, Apex haunch, Clip Angle, Gusset plate at one diagonal, Gusset plate in center, 4 diagonals connection, Purlin connection, purlin connection with plate, Two purlins with bolts, Vertical purlin plate,Double purlin splice plate6-Numbering 7-GA and assembly Drawing. 8-Assembly list.






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