Robot Structural Analysis Steel Building

Last updated 10/2020
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Steel building Modeling,Analysis and design of all elements, with wind and Seismic Load By Eurocode.

What you’ll learn
Steel Building Modeling and Analysis
Design of all elements (Columns,Beams..)
Wind and Seismic Load Application By Eurocode
Concrete Footing Design
Connections Design (Base and Frame Knee Connection)
Basic Knowledge of structural Engineering
Robot Structural Analysis Program
In this Course you will learn how to model,analyse and Design all elements of Steel BuildingFirstly we will set preferences and job preferences (Design code,,materials…)You will learn how to model all elements of building (Columns,Beams,slab,Bracings…)You will learn how to define Wind and Seismic load by Eurocode.You will learn how to design all elements (Columns,Beams,Composite beams,BracingYou will learn how to design the foundation of structureYou will learn how to design the connections (Base connection,Frame knee connection)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview

Lecture 2 Preferences

Lecture 3 Job preferences

Section 2: Modeling

Lecture 4 Stories Definition

Lecture 5 Axis Definition

Lecture 6 View

Lecture 7 Sections Definition

Lecture 8 Columns modeling

Lecture 9 Columns groups

Lecture 10 Rafters Definition and Modeling

Lecture 11 Selection

Lecture 12 Special selection

Lecture 13 Rafters Grouping

Lecture 14 Secondary beams

Lecture 15 Secondary beams Grouping

Lecture 16 Display

Lecture 17 Slab

Section 3: Loads

Lecture 18 Loads Definition

Lecture 19 Assign loads

Lecture 20 Wind Load

Lecture 21 Beam Release

Section 4: Results

Lecture 22 Results

Lecture 23 Combinations

Section 5: Design of elements

Lecture 24 Secondary beams

Lecture 25 Composite Beams

Lecture 26 Composite Beams 2

Lecture 27 Rafters Y Design

Lecture 28 Rafters X Design

Lecture 29 Columns Design

Section 6: Seismic Load

Lecture 30 Seismic Introduction

Lecture 31 Seismic Definition

Lecture 32 Base shear results

Lecture 33 Results

Lecture 34 Diagrams for building

Lecture 35 Stories

Lecture 36 Drift Checking

Section 7: V Bracing Model

Lecture 37 V Bracing

Lecture 38 Bracing groups

Lecture 39 Bracing Parameters

Lecture 40 Base shear

Lecture 41 Diagrams for bars

Lecture 42 Combinations

Lecture 43 Columns and Rafters Design

Lecture 44 Bracing Design

Lecture 45 Drift Checking

Lecture 46 X Drift Verification

Section 8: Foundation Design

Lecture 47 Footing Design

Lecture 48 Second Footing

Section 9: Connections Design

Lecture 49 Base connection

Lecture 50 Frame Knee Connection

Section 10: Bonus

Lecture 51 Get Any course for up to 90% off

Civil and Mechanical Engineers,Civil and Mechanical Engineering Students






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