Udemy Effortless breathing for wind players and singers TUTORiAL

P2P | 17 July 2022 | 251 MB
To develop a healthy way of breathing is unfortunately not alwasy easy and there are lots of misunderstandings about the way we should breathe when playing or singing. This can result in too much tension in our body and too much pressure on the throat, head and organs. The enormous influence of breathing on our health, emotions makes it very important to know more about it and learn to use your body in an optimal way. With exercises that help you develop your inner awareness.

Are you a wind instrumentalist or a singer and do you wish to:

•Develop your breathing technique so that you are able to play or sing with more confidence and inner peace
•Breathe freely without the feeling of getting stuck
•Learn how to breathe expanding the whole torso and applying breath support that is both powerful and relaxed
•Be able to help your students more accurately with their breathing
•A more beautiful sound
•Boost your health
•Connect more with your body
•have a better understanding of the physiology of breathing and breath support
•Know more about the influence of breathing on your health and physical processes like heartbeat and stress level including exercises to improve your well-being.
•Just know more about this fascinating subject?

This course is very effective to develop your skills, boost your health and, most of all, be a great musician.

I hope to see you in the course!



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