The Secrets Of 3D Nft Collection Design In Blender

Published 7/2022
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Learn how to design, create and generate 3D NFT collection in Blender for FREE and earn profits! (Step by step Guide)

What you’ll learn
How to design, create and generate your own 3D NFT collection in Blender
How to create voxel avatars like Meebits
Important tips for practical use
How to become more confident in 3D NFT world
The power of 3D art
Skills which you can monetize creating NFT collections for other people
You need a computer (PC or laptop)
You need Blender 3D software. (You can download it for free from Blender official website)
Curiosity for 3D NFT
Learn how to design, create and generate your own 100% original 3D NFT collection in Blender.Hi, My name is Ka. I am an NFT designer and 3D artist. Let’s make it easy, fast and magically nice for you, because this is the best moment to learn not only how to create your own 3D NFT collection, but also experience an amazing creative adventure with NFT art and….Blender, which is completely free 3d software yet extremely powerful. Having these high quality skills you gain valuable confidence to create, not only NFT art, but actually: anything you want. Because in 3D world, everything is possible. You will get even more, because by becoming my student, you will get best NFT templates which you can easily use to create your own profitable NFTs.This is your real chance to win in these fast growing blockchain, metaverse and NFT industries. So many people are sleeping now totally not being aware of such big potential which is hidden in the NFT world. I’m going to teach you how to take advantage of this, by learning 3D NFT collection design. If you already know Blender, it’s going to be easy and plasant experience. If you just start with this software, don’t worry, because I’m here to help you understand and feel confident in creating your own 3D NFT art, so remember, you can always contact me, and I will make a special bonus tutorial videos just for you, replying to all your questions.These are the step-by-step strategies I use to create my own 3D NFT collections in Blender. I’ve learned these technique through MONTHS of trial and error, failing, watching YouTube videos, tutorials, going on NFT forums, figuring out what actually works, studing hundreds successful NFT collections and designing my own 3D artwork.The Secrets of 3D NFT Collection Design in Blender took me 2 months to put together, with not only over 50 minutes of content, but also hundreds real examples for you to watch and enjoy. I don’t think any other how-to videos are as comprehensive and helpful as these. I included EVERYTHING you need to create own 3D NFT collection in Blender – to confirm that you can take a look at the video topics.Whether you’re a total beginner who’s never made anything in Blender before, or if you’re an established 3D artist who’d like to develop own skills, get inspired learning more about 3D NFT collection design: THIS is for you.Let’s get started! Why? Because you deserve to discover the secrets of 3D NFT collection design, so feel free to invest in yourself and gain new profitable skills. Join me now to learn how to design, create and generate your new 3D NFT collection, together!Best wishes,NFT Designer Ka






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