Build a Calculator app in ReactJS

Instructors: Deep Sekhar Ghosh
1 section • 8 lectures • 1h 0m total length
Video: MP4 1280×720 44 KHz | English + Sub
Updated 6/2022 | Size: 461 MB

Build a simple calculator app and get to know more about some good practices in React JS as a beginner

What you’ll learn
Deep more into React JS development
Learn about functional components in react JS
Build a small and simple project
Learn about Modular CSS in React
Learn more about JS like evaluating strings

Pre-requisites for this – basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and ReactJS

Hi, I am Deep Sekhar Ghosh, a web developer and I have been into web development more than a year. I have done many personal projects and internships too. In this course, we will build a simple calculator app in React JS and will also discuss about few stuffs which can help you as a beginner in React JS development and also in future where-ever you are going to work in React JS.
I have divided the whole course in different small sections so that we can discuss some specific new topics separately which might be over-whelming for the beginners. This course is meant for beginners but can be enjoyed by anyone who has a base understanding of React and is looking to add another simple and fun project.
I have tried to explain those things in most simple way possible with examples in the videos. Hope you will like this small course. See you there! If you think this course has helped you boost your confidence and knowledge in React, do share it with your fellow mates who are into web development. Keep hustling!
Note: The pre requisites for this course are basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and React JS.
Who this course is for:This course is for beginners in web development






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