Master Unity and C By Developing 5 Super Mario Games

Published 07/2022
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Create Dance Dance Mario Mix, Super Mario Bros, Mario Sunshine, Mario Baseball, and a VR game for Google Cardboard!

What you’ll learn
Develop 5 Super Mario games in Unity using C#
Create a Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix game for mobile
Build a Super Mario VR game for Google Cardboard
Develop a 2D Super Mario Bros. game for PC and Web
Create a Super Mario Baseball game for Android and iOS
Develop a Super Mario Sunshine version of Jetpack Joyride
Learn how to develop Artificially Intelligent (AI) enemies in Unity using C#
Create exciting power-up effects like Mega Mario, Fire Mario, Metal Mario, and Mini Mario
Learn how to program swinging on rope, swimming, and other physics driven behaviors
Packed with professional C# coding techniques to level you up as a developer
Practice industry standard version control techniques with GitHub
Over 17 hours of content

A computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux
Basic knowledge of Unity and C#
Google Cardboard for VR Section (Optional)

In this course we will use Unity and C# to develop 5 Super Mario video games

Dance Dance Revolution – Mario Mix

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Sunshine (Jetpack Joyride style)

Super Mario Baseball

Super Mario VR (for Google Cardboard)

Here are some more details on each of the games we will develop

Dance Dance Revolution – Mario Mix

3D game development

Animated start screen

In-game audio

3D dance animations

Rotating disco lights effect

Pattern timing and coordination

Android and iOS

Super Mario Bros.

2D game development

7 levels

Enemy AI including



Flying Koopa

Dry Bones

Cheep Cheep


Mr. Blizzard

Frost Piranha

Bowser (boss fight)

Items and Power-ups including

Fire Flower

Red Mushroom

Mega Mushroom

1up Mushroom

PC and Web

Super Mario Sunshine (Jetpack Joyride style)

3D game development

Infinite Runner / Sidescroller style

Enemy AI

Petey Piranha

Bullet Bill



Mini Mushroom

Mega Mushroom

Metal Armor

1up Mushroom


Super Star

Android and iOS

Super Mario Baseball

3D game development

Mario sports style game

Waluigi is up to bat, Kritter is pitching

Tap the screen to hit the ball

Android and iOS

Super Mario VR

3D Virtual Reality Game Development

Google Cardboard SDK for Unity

Main Menu that uses gaze tracking

3 levels

By the end of this course you will have 5 Super Mario games you developed in Unity using C# and have an intricate knowledge of the Unity game engine that you can use to develop professional quality games and content for your portfolio. Are you ready to master Unity game development? If so, then in the words of our favorite plumber dressed in red, “Here we goooo!”

Who this course is for
Anyone that wants to build 5 awesome Super Mario games in Unity using C#
Anyone that wants to gain mastery of the Unity Game Engine
Aspiring game developers that want to build professional quality games for their portfolio
Video game fans that are curious how to build Super Mario Games





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