Groove3 Mixing with Neutron 4 TUTORiAL

HiDERA | 22 July 2022 | 912 MB
If you’re struggling to get polished, professional mixes in Neutron 4, fret no more! Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents a video course dedicated entirely to mixing with Neutron 4! In this Neutron 4 tutorial, with a runtime of over two hours, you’ll follow along with Larry as he puts a song through its paces, applying crucial techniques like EQ, panning, compression, and much more. What’s even better is that you get all of the stems used in the course, so you’ll be able to follow along at home and apply Neutron 4 in real-time for yourself! These videos are designed for beginner Neutron 4 users.

After welcoming you to the course, Larry begins by setting basic levels with the Visual Mixer and then fine tuning by ear. Then you’ll discover how Visual Mixer can be used to adjust pan, level, and stereo width to change the front/back and left/right perspectives. Learn how to enhance raw sounds with the Assistant, adjusting the various parameters via machine learning and bringing the sounds closer to our desired result.

Next up, explore the world of dynamics with the Transient Shaper and Gate module, paying special attention to the attack and sustain of the various sounds. You’ll also discover how to tame harsh and resonant sounds, such as in the bass and hats, with the EQ module, as well as applying subtractive EQ to aid in establishing front/back perspective.

Over the remainder of the course, Larry covers several other key concepts, including basic compression (varying attack and release times to again help with perspective), Unmask and Masking Meter (for creating separation between sounds), saturation and harmonic excitation (using the Exciter module along with additive EQ), parallel processing (to catch some peaks and increase headroom, among other things), and more!

The Neutron 4 video descriptions will provide more information on the exact contents of each video and how these techniques will improve your mixes. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the crucial skills needed to use Neutron 4 and hear the results yourself! Take your mixes to a new level… watch “Mixing with Neutron 4” today!



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