The Gnomon Workshop Getting Started in Cinema 4d for Designers

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Duration 4h 22m  MP4

Title: The Gnomon Workshop – Getting Started in Cinema 4d for Designers

This beginner’s guide for designers aims to break down the barriers that are often faced when incorporating 3D elements into graphic design projects. Following on from Tomasz Opasinski’s Understanding the Principles of Poster Design workshop, this project-based introduction tackles a poster design in Cinema 4D R23, providing a quick-start guide to get designers up and running quickly in Maxon’s 3D software package.

Over 4 hours, Tomasz flattens the learning curve and takes an artist-friendly approach to introduce the core tools in Cinema 4D, sharing how to navigate the viewport, import 3D objects, texture and light your scene, and finally set up the camera for a final render — ready for editing in Photoshop. You’ll journey through the process he uses to craft posters in his creative workflow, which he’s been using for many years to provide designs for the entertainment, advertising, and pre-viz industries.

To celebrate The Gnomon Workshop turning 20 in 2020, Tomasz Opasinski uses our 20th Anniversary as the brief for this design workshop. The final chapter shows how the rendered layers from Cinema 4D are compiled in Photoshop to compose a poster, briefly looking at how Photoshop’s adjustment layers can affect specific layers. The principles taught can be applied to create your very own impressive posters and graphic designs.

The Gnomon Workshop’s iconic sundial logo 3D model is provided as a project file with this workshop.






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