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Last updated 4/2016
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Learn full stack JavaScript by developing applications using Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, and AngularJS.

What you’ll learn
Build Apps with Node.js
Build MEAN stack apps
Create API’s using Express.js
Understand Routing in Express
Know how to create Schema’s, Models and Controllers
Use Passport to authenticate users
Create CRUD features with ease
Install and use Mongoose Plugins
Include different view engines into Node.js
Use the Async Module
Have Node.js Installed
Understand JavaScript Basics
Go from beginner to advanced by building 4 Node.js applications of increasing complexity.
This course will teach you how to build web apps from the ground up while focusing on best practices. The main technologies used will be Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB.
We’ll use a variety of templating engines for our frontend. This will include Swig, Angular and plain HTML.
We’ll be using Mongoose throughout this course. Mongoose is a node module built on top of MongoDB to assist in creating and handling database objects.
Project 1
Getting to Know Mongoose
Familiarize yourself with Node and
Mongoose by building a CRUD example app. Learn about the different data types used in Mongoose models.Understand how to make API calls using Postman to add, update or delete documents.Get to know important methods used to query, save and remove document properties.

Project 2
User Login App
Build a user login app consisting of a log in and success page.Create static Express routes to connect with HTML pages.Learn about advanced Mongoose methods for Validating input and how to use mongoose Plugins to hide password data.

Project 3
Meeting Reporting App
Use Express, Swig and Mongoose to develop an app for recording meeting notes.Learn how to create new Notes and filter by user.
Create a RESTful API and implement using best practices.Learn how to handle and display custom Errors.Use the Async module and learn how to query multiple documents at the same time.

Project 4
Search Engine
MEAN-stack application built from the ground up. (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js)Build a search engine using the Mongoose search plugin, Angular and Bootstrap.Learn how to reference and populate documents.Integrate Passport.js for secure Local authentication. Learn how to protect routes from non-verified users.

After taking this course you will
* Know how to build Full-Stack applications using JavaScript throughout.
* Learn how to setup a server and routing using Express, work with various view engines like Swig, Angular and plain HTML.
* Understand how to perform CRUD operations by building useful apps to save, update and retrieve documents from a database.
* Be able to build a MEAN-stack application from the ground up.
* Understand Mongoose methods for working with schemas, plugins, validators, and data types.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Installing MongoDB

Section 2: Mongoose CRUD Application

Lecture 3 Introduction to Project

Lecture 4 Mongoose Overview

Lecture 5 Build a Schema

Lecture 6 Build a CRUD App – Part 1

Lecture 7 Build a CRUD App – Part 2

Lecture 8 Build a CRUD App – Part 3

Lecture 9 Build a CRUD App – Part 4

Section 3: User Login App

Lecture 10 Introduction to User Login Project

Lecture 11 Add HTML and CSS

Lecture 12 Server Setup

Lecture 13 User Registration

Lecture 14 User Registration – Part 2

Lecture 15 Model Validation

Lecture 16 Hide Password Plugin

Section 4: Meeting App

Lecture 17 Introduction to Meeting App Project

Lecture 18 Application Setup

Lecture 19 Explanation of Swig Template

Lecture 20 Create Models

Lecture 21 Validation for Models

Lecture 22 Add Controller Files

Lecture 23 Create Note

Lecture 24 Async for Front Page

Lecture 25 Filter by Member Name

Section 5: Search Engine App

Lecture 26 Overview of Project

Lecture 27 Server Side Setup

Lecture 28 Client Side Setup

Lecture 29 Angular Setup

Lecture 30 Angular Setup – Part 2

Lecture 31 Models Setup – User & Website

Lecture 32 Authorization Part 1 – Passport Setup

Lecture 33 Authorization Part 2 – Register & Login Methods

Lecture 34 Angular Registration Setup

Lecture 35 Angular Log In Setup

Lecture 36 Website Server Routes & Controller

Lecture 37 Save New Website

Lecture 38 Display Search Results

This course is meant for those who already are familiar with the basics of Node.js. We will be using Express.js for routing and MongoDB as our database, so any experience using these technologies is helpful but not required.






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