Risk Management 101 for IT Professionals Essential Concepts

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If you are looking to advance or begin your career in Information Technology (IT), this course is a must because risk management is embedded in everything we do in IT.

About This Video

Understand the need and fundamentals of risk management
Build a strong foundation in risk management
Learn why risk management fails
In Detail

In this course, we will be focusing on risk management; in the first section, we will have a look at the course overview. In section 2, you will learn about risks and all the elements that make up risk, so this will be a foundational-level section where we will understand a variety of different things. In section 3, we will talk about why we need risk management; we will ask these questions and answer them in section 3. Then, moving on to section 4, we will identify risk, so section 4 is all about risk identification and the method by which we can do so.

Section 5 is all about risk assessment, so we will talk about quantitative and qualitative risk assessments, and we will see a lot of examples on these. In section 6, we will discuss risk responses and controls so there are specific control measures that we can take and there are specific risk response types. In section 7, we will look at the risk register, which is our risk repository for all of the risks that we identify and are managing. In section 8, we will look at risk monitoring and control so, that once we have everything identified and assessed, and inputted in our risk register, we must control these risks on an ongoing basis. In section 9, we will understand why risk management fails.

Once you complete this course, you will understand how IT risk management works and how to utilize effective risk management in your IT department.


This course is designed for aspiring and experienced IT professionals and for aspiring IT risk management professionals.






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