Learn 3D Texturing In Substance Painter 2022 All Levels

Published 7/2022
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A Comprehensive guide in Learning and Practing Substance Painter with Fun 3D models!

What you’ll learn
– Learn 3D Texturing in Substance Painter Fast and Easy
– Comprehensive Understanding of the user interface within Substance Painter
– Establish a solid foundation in fill layer texturing through procedural workflows and comprehend how it differs from paint layers workflow
– How to import models and update with layer versions of those models
– Baking High Rez models onto Low Rez Meshes with suppled provided model through multiple examples
– Understand and Master how to blend layers with masks and generators to create amazing details in a small amount of time
– A walkthrough in how transparency works such as glass texturing
– How to Export Textures
– Render and Showcase your work with Substance Painters builtin render engine Iray
Either a free demo or a license version of Substance Painter
Hello and Welcome to: Learn 3D Texturing in Substance Painter 2022 All Levels!Throughout this course, you will learn how to texture 3D models in Substance Painter made quick and easy. To that end we will be supplying FUN 3D Model For you to learn and practice your texturing techniques of the, our COURAGEOUS SPACE TURTLE!!!With that said we take a fun approach in starting wih the basics of texturing through a non destructive workflow called fill layer texturing to establish a high amount of detail in a short amount of time.We’ll Go over:Learn 3D Texturing in Substance Painter Fast and EasyWe’ll show you some interesting and unique blending combinations of Materials and Smart Material in our provided demonstrationsBreakdown of the basics starting with understanding different workflows such as Fill Layer Texturing vs Paint Layer TexturingGrasping the differences in Smart Materials vs Materials through your workflow of texturing.Establishing a solid foundation in MaskingUnderstand how Emissive effect work within Substance PainterCreating Fun Opacity textures and how to experiment beyond our own version with your unique texturing workflowDemonstrate how to transfer texturing details across different mapsLearn Substance Painters built in render Iray to produce and industry standard render shot for print or portfolio purposesThis course is a continuing series of courses dedicated to helping those who wish to learn and practice texturing techniques through Substance Painter.By the end of this course you will have a strong foundation in understanding texturing 3D models within Substance Painter.






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