Seacow Cabs Impulse Responses Bundle

AudioZ | 26 July 2022 | IRs/WAV | 457MB

This is a collection of Seacow Cabs IRs that were once available for free, but have since been taken down and have made their way into commercial products from the likes of Audio Assault, Nembrini Audio, etc. There’s a good variety of cabs present in this bundle which should satisfy most needs. Unfortunately, this post doesn’t include all of the IR packs that were made available by Seacow Cabs. However this bundle includes most of the packs and only very few are missing.

Following is a list of cabs included in this bundle:

IMHO these aren’t the best cabs out there, but there are definitely some great tones to be had in this bundle!
It does require a bit of time to find the mics and speakers that sound natural. Personally, I’ve used the Darkglass bass cab and it sounds quite good.
Hope some people would find this useful!



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