Smart Producers The Ultimate Guide To Selling Beats Online in 2021 FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 25 July 2022 | 17 MB
Learn how to sell beats online and grow your Youtube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a sustainable, beat-selling machine.

Discover how I went from $237 in Bank Account To $400k+ selling beats online.

What will you learn?
My eBook contains everything music producer needs to know + implement to get the best possible results out of your beat-selling business.

#1 How to produce a perfect beat
I explain what methods I use to create beats that sell the most – Beat structure, simplicity, transitions, the chorus and room in the mix.

#2 Beat licensing explained
I explain you everything you need to know about licensing beats online, show you tricks and tips for pricing your beats, psychology of pricing and discounts and how to design your Pro Page.

#3 Youtube
In this chapter, I will show you exactly how I rank my YouTube videos and how you can too. In fact, this is the exact process that I used to grow my channel to over 5.7M views per month.

#4 Email Marketing
Email Marketing is one of the best ways to grow a beat-selling business online. I have more than 35,000 email contacts, which contribute more than $4k in revenue every month.

#5 How to sell beats on Instagram
I teach you how to use Instagram for business analytics and how to develop a consistent brand on Instagram. We dig into the hashtags and how to DM artists on Instagram.

#6 Lofi beats and Spotify
I explain how I managed to scale my Spotify profile to more than 50k listeners per month and over 600k streams. I explain how Spotify playlists work and how to get playlisted.

Who’s the eBook for?

This eBook is for you if:

– You’re a beginner, this guide will get you started so you don’t waste your time and money
– You want to learn psychology of pricing beats and designing beatstore
– You want to create more streams of income from making music
– You want to learn how to grow your Youtube channel
– You want to learn about Email Marketing and how to apply it to selling beats online
– You want to learn how to grow your Instagram page
– You want to learn how to grow on Spotify and get playlisted.
– You want to learn how to produce beats that sell



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