Blendermarket Simple Sci Fi Pro and Chalk Style

Update: New PRO version has 6 more DPACKS (including 12 collections), a bunch of new KPACK kitbash INSERTS and the new dirty node group shader for creating grime and dirt on your scenes. Also, a brand new Generator: Panel Gen which creates both displacement and geo panels.

SIMPLE SCIFI is a systemized approach for creating full 32-bit displacement maps and instanced geometry you can use to create a variety of models, from distant cities, to spaceship details, to sci-fi objects and more. There are two versions, free and pro. The free version has a base set of DPACKS (map generator files) along with three different displacement generators that can create thousands of mutations of generated displacement images.

The Pro version comes with multiple DPACKS which are sets of especially created generation objects and allows for more varied and specific types of displacement and geometry generation. It also comes with 60 KIT OPS fully texture mapped objects which you can use with KIT OPS FREE or PRO.

A key component of both the FREE and the PRO versions is the fact that whatever is generated is wholly owned by the person who generated it and they can do whatever they like with it. This means they can resell it, use it in a commercial project, or use it for any other purpose they see fit. The license for all generated images is CC0. This license policy is in stark contrast to existing displacement generators. See more about our license at

Another important component of SIMPLE SCIFI is the native file format for the displacement maps is EXR which is a 32-bit format. And, it compresses very nicely so it can be stored on your file system as if it were a same resolution sized PNG file. Keep in mind, when used inside of a program like blender, the full 32-bit uncompressed image will be used and so you need to be careful when using too many of them.

One of the key features of SIMPLE SCIFI is its ability to generate instanced geometry. This allows for higher quality modeling with much fewer resources required. This technique is amazing to work with and you do not need a super powerful computer to use it. In fact, combined with our shader material, you can create your own sci-fi scenes in a matter of minutes.

Currently included in SIMPLE SCIFI PRO are 4 different Generators:

Shapes Gen
Dots Gen
Geo Gen
Panel Gen

NOTE: For Blender 2.9+ You need to ENABLE Ambient Occlusion in the EEVEE Render settings for this to work. Also, this will not work if you have Transparent checked in the Film render settings.. Neither of these are necessary in CHALK STYLE PRO.

CHALK STYLE Render is a Blender 2.82+ addon which provides a workflow to quickly create Ambient Occlusion (AO) “chalk” and “sketch” type renderings. (Note: CHALK STYLE does not work on versions < 2.82)

The workflow is straightforward.

Position your camera
Press the Render CHALK STYLE button
Then composite the resulting 3 black and white rendered images in the CHALK_STYLE.blend compositor and save.

You can also combine it with our SKETCH STYLE plugin to create even better renders!






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