DJ 1Truth Retro Thrills WAV UHUB

UHUB | WAV | 113 MB
Get ready to open up past nostalgia feels and chills with this collection of loops and samples: This is Retro Thrills! Inspired by that classic retrowave and synthpop sound of the 80’s this pack has it all in one place. Looking for analog driven synth leads and pads? Looking for those nostalgia synth arps and keys that dominated the radio charts in the 80’s? Looking for organic synthetic drum hits to sculpt your own pop hit? Looking for analog driven synth basses to add that extra weight to your synthpop track? This collection of loops and samples has it all and then some to give you what your looking for when it comes to that classic 80’s Retrowave x Synthwave sound! Drag and drop these loops and hits into your favorite DAW of choice and start creating nostalgia with Retro Thrills!



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