The Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Massive Prime Crowd Simulation Techniques with Reza Ghobadinic

Your comprehensive introduction to Massive Prime has arrived. Head of Crowd/FX TD, Reza Ghobadinic, demonstrates all the key aspects of working with Massive Prime software in this detailed workshop, sharing with you his industry-proven tips and tricks for producing credible crowd simulations suitable for film and TV productions.

During the course of 11 hours of instruction, Reza covers everything you need to know, from the basics of the interface, through to many more advanced topics that are essential to grasping the fundamentals of Massive Prime. Lessons detail how to create agents from scratch including how to gradually add features that will improve their behavior, and discuss the importance of designing the brain in an organized and systematic manner, as used in feature film production. Reza also lectures on how to create a biped crowd agent from a skinned rig and edit animation clips to use for your agent, as well as how to complete it with a dynamic explosion simulation scene.

This essential introduction provides the fundamental knowledge needed to create, test, and render impressive crowd simulations with Massive Prime.

00. Preview
01. Introduction
02. Scene
03. Agent Basics
04. Brain Basics — Part 01
05. Brain Basics — Part 02
06. Sound
07. Agent Field
08. Vision
09. Terrain Adaptation and Color
10. Flow Field and Lane
11. Spawn and Collide
12. Cloth and Hair
13. Agent from Rigs
14. Actions and Motion Trees — Part 01
15. Actions and Motion Trees — Part 02
16. Foot Locking IK
17. Dynamic Ragdolls — Part 01
18. Dynamic Ragdolls — Part 02
19. Rendering






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