Mean Project With Angular 4 And 5 Creating A Cms

Last updated 3/2020
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Learn how to build a MEAN app with Angular 4 (and 5), Node/Express, MongoDB and Bootstrap

What you’ll learn
Build custom apps using Angular 4 and node/express (or any other backend api)
Some familiarity with Angular 4, Node/Express and MongoDB is assumed
You should have MongoDB installed on your machine already before starting the course
A no-nonsense and to the point course that shows you how to create a real-world application using the MEAN stack with Angular 4.This course is for everyone that has some familiarity with Angular 4 and Node/Express and wants to learn how to combine the two technologies to make a real-world application.NOTE 1: I do NOT explain Node/Express in this course, if you are not familiar with Node/Express I suggest first taking my other course – Node.js Express Project – Cms and Shopping CartNOTE 2: You should have MongoDB installed on your machine before starting this courseNOTE 3: If the current asking price is too much for you feel free to message me for a discount!


Section 1: Introduction and Project Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 project overview

Section 2: The Project

Lecture 3 tools overview and new database

Lecture 4 creating the angular app

Lecture 5 adding jquery and bootstrap

Lecture 6 adding the navbar

Lecture 7 creating the node api project folder

Lecture 8 setting up pages routes

Lecture 9 GET pages

Lecture 10 creating the page service

Lecture 11 routes and getPages

Lecture 12 navbar page links

Lecture 13 router outlet

Lecture 14 pages component

Lecture 15 adding the page title

Lecture 16 users model and routes

Lecture 17 creating the user service

Lecture 18 register 1

Lecture 19 register 2

Lecture 20 register 3

Lecture 21 login 1

Lecture 22 login 2

Lecture 23 edit navbar and logout

Lecture 24 admin pages

Lecture 25 admin navbar

Lecture 26 add page 1

Lecture 27 add page 2

Lecture 28 add page 3

Lecture 29 add page 4

Lecture 30 add page 5

Lecture 31 edit page 1

Lecture 32 edit page 2

Lecture 33 edit page 3

Lecture 34 edit page 4

Lecture 35 delete page

Lecture 36 edit same slug bug fix

Lecture 37 sidebar 1

Lecture 38 sidebar 2

Lecture 39 sidebar 3

Lecture 40 add sidebar option when adding pages

Lecture 41 add sidebar option when editing pages

Lecture 42 display sidebar

Lecture 43 Changing Http Module to HttpClient module

Section 3: Bonus Material

Lecture 44 Bonus Material

Anyone who wants to develop apps with Angular 4 and node/express (or any other backend api)






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