Working with Pointers and Arrays in C 20

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Managing memory with pointers on a low level is one of the key building blocks of modern C++. This course will teach you how to use pointers and how they relate to arrays and dynamic memory management.

C++ offers us high-level abstractions as a modern OOP language, but it also allows us to dig into the low-level memory management if needed. In this course, Working with Pointers and Arrays in C++ 20, you’ll learn to use pointers to indirectly access data from memory. First, you’ll explore what pointers are and how referencing works. Next, you’ll discover how this knowledge can be used for dynamic memory allocation and how pointers and arrays are related. Finally, you’ll learn how to use these skills to implement them in the modern C++ OOP environment. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of using indirection needed to work with pointers and arrays in C++20.

Working with Pointers and Arrays in C++ 20






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