Intro To Hair And Fur In Houdini 19 5

Published 9/2022
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Learn how to create professional Hair and Fur in Houdini 19.5

Learn how to create professional Hair and Fur in Houdini 19.5

What you’ll learn
Hair and fur using Houdini’s powerful tools.
Rendering and lighting hair and fur.
Placing guides on geometry.
Creating hair for cartoon girl.
Fundamentals of Houdini FX
This course covers the powerful hair and fur tools inside Houdini, you will learn the most common tools about hair and fur, we will start from scratch, from the first lesson we will immediately start creating a fur for a teddy bear, you will learn the fundamentals of hair and fur in the first section.Then we will move to more advanced techniques to create professional hair for characters.Before you enroll in this course you must have at least 1 month of experience in Houdini.You must know the basics of Houdini like the user interface and basic knowledge about the network editor’s nodes and materials.You will learn how to create high quality hair from scratch to shading and rendering.In the first and second section we will create a fur for a teddy bear, you will learn the basics of guides and how to assign them on separate parts of geometries, then you will learn how to create the fur based on the guides that we created.After that we will start setup the lights and then we will create the materials for the fur till we get the final render.So the first and second section is an introduction to the fur and hair system inside Houdini.In the Third section you will learn everything about grooming and guide tools inside Houdini, I will show tips and tricks before we dive to the Forth section.In the Forth section we will start creating more advanced hair, we will create a hair for a cartoon girl character.We will start creating the guide and groom them, After that we will create the hair and add details to it then light and apply materials, after that we will create the eyebrows,then we will create the final render.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Preparing the geometry

Lecture 3 Head guides

Lecture 4 Painting mask for eyes

Lecture 5 Adding clump and noise to the hair

Lecture 6 Applying the fur to the body and ears

Lecture 7 Creating Fur for remaining parts

Section 2: Shading and rendering the fur

Lecture 8 Setup the lighting and background

Lecture 9 Shading Body’s fur

Lecture 10 Shading the feet and the mouth

Lecture 11 Shading the nose and create the final render

Section 3: Grooming

Lecture 12 Working with guides

Lecture 13 Sculpt and masking

Lecture 14 Transform handle tool

Lecture 15 Move tool

Section 4: Girl hairstyle

Lecture 16 Downloadable resources for this section

Lecture 17 Intro to girl hairstyle

Lecture 18 Creating the first guides

Lecture 19 Sculpting the guides

Lecture 20 Creating guides on the front area

Lecture 21 Adding details to the hair

Lecture 22 Shading the girl hair

Lecture 23 Creating the eyebrow

Lecture 24 Improve and add details to the eyebrow

Lecture 25 Transmission

FX Artists who want to learn how to create hair and fur inside Houdini.,Houdini users who want to learn hair and fur inside Houdini.





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