Solid Edge CAD NX CAM NX Mold Wizard Siemens Package

Published 09/2022
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 92 lectures (9h 53m) | Size: 6.1 GB

Injection Mold for part with NX Mold Wizard & Solid Edge (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting) + Manufacturing with NX CAM

What you’ll learn
After this course you will be CAD CAM Professional user (NXCAM & Solid Edge)
You will be professional user in NX CAM.
You will be able to use NX Post Builder to customize G Code
You will learn how to use NX CAM for Milling, Turning, Drilling and Wire EDM Operations
You will be able to use Solid Edge 2022 CAD for Assembly & Drafting
You will be able to use Solid Edge 2022 CAD for 3D parts & Surfaces.
You will learn the steps of NX Injection Mold (From start to the End)

No Experience needed
No CAM Experience needed, you will learn everything without any background
CNC Concept Background & Injection Mold

Course Main Contents (4 Courses!)

Course 1: Solid Edge 2022 (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting) Essentials

Course 2: NX CAM (Milling – Turning – Wire EDM)

Course 3: NX Post Builder

Course 4: NX Mold Wizard

Course Description

After this course, you will be able to use the NX CAD / CAM & Post Builder to do Modelling & Machining for any Part and to use NX CAM with any CNC Machines.

After this course, you will be able to use the Solid Edge CAD (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting).

After this course, you will be able to create G code for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM operations (3 Axis & Multi Axis).

You will be professional user in NX CAM.

CAD CAM Mold Package Contents

1- G Code & CNC Overview

2- NX CAM Milling (3Axis, 4 & 5 Axis)

3- NX CAM Turning

4- NX CAM Drilling

5- NX CAM Wire EDM

6- NX CAM Millturn

7- NX Post Builder

8- Create Mold Wizard product assemblies

9- Define core and cavity regions within a product model

10- Create patch up (shut off) geometry

11- Create mold tooling inserts

12- Use mold base libraries to choose a standard mold base

13- Use standard part libraries to select and position common parts, including insert pockets, sub inserts, cooling channels, gates, runners.

14- Create a bill of materials

15- Solid Edge CAD Sketching

16- Solid Edge CAD Modelling

17- Solid Edge Assembly Overview

18- Solid Edge Drafting Overview


You will download all parts that we used during the course and more parts for practice.

The implementation of this course is in NX 11 & Solid edge 2022 but you will be able to implement using any version.

You will have full technical support with me.

Weekly additional Exercise will be added to the course according to students requirements (If Required).

Who this course is for
Mechanical Production Engineers
Technical Person
CAD CAM Engineer
Mechanical Students
Manufacturing Engineers






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