Mixed In Key Satellite Plugins 2 0 WiN OSX

WiN/OSX | 50.35 MB/213.04 MB
Mixed In Key has unveiled Satellite Plugins 2.0, a free software suite that lets you remotely collaborate across DAW and operating systems.

Satellite Sessions is the plug-in that will let you host or join a collaborative session and transfer your recordings. This is available for any DAW with VST, AU or AAX support. This includes Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Studio One and Pro Tools.

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You can set up a session with the BPM, time signature, key signature and sample rate of your project. Once you’ve set up the session, you can choose what stems to upload with your collaborators. You can invite multiple users to your session, be it a band or a whole orchestra, by sharing the invite link generated by your plug-in. This link is also how you’ll join another person’s session.

To upload stems to the session, load up either the Satellite MIDI or Satellite Audio plug-in to your track, depending on what type of file you’re sharing. You can do this either before or after you’ve created a session, or whenever you like if you’ve joined one.

As your collaborators upload their stems, you can work within the session window and record over the top. You can also download their stems to edit in your DAW project. This is a perfect solution to grabbing recordings from a vocalist, for example. You can make changes to the stem and upload it back into sessions so everyone can hear the changes.



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