Udemy Acoustic Guitar For Absolute Beginners Level 1 TUTORiAL

Published 9/2022
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Structured learning to get you playing!

What you’ll learn
Learn Basic Scales, Chords & Strumming Patterns
Get a solid foundation about playing the Acoustic Guitar
Learn 30 different strumming patterns that’ll help you accompany yourself or your friend while singing popular soungs.
In-depth Chord changing exercises that’ll enable you to change chords in time.
No prior knowledge of playing the Guitar required.
It gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge and experience via this incredible method of Online Streaming, where you can learn at your own pace.Playing music is very similar to telling a story. In order to tell a story, you would need thorough knowledge of how to form sentences, the grammar, a good vocabulary of words etc, isn’t it? Overall, an excellent command over the language is required.Similarly, music as a language has certain prerequisites, which, when you have a good knowledge of, will help you play music well.Consider the lessons in this course as your alphabets, grammar, words etc. which, when you have a good command over, will help you play songs on the guitar. Songs are nothing but fragments of different techniques combined together to form an aural image, pretty much like how an artist would paint a beautiful portrait using several different paint brushes, colours and strokes.This course will help you develop basic co-ordination between your fretting and picking hand, enable you to learn chords, give you ideas on how to play chord progressions & give you a low down on strumming. Ensure that you learn all the lessons well and practice them on a regular basis.Upon completion of this course you should be able to play easy listening acoustic songs, be it in English or Hindi, albeit with the help of a Transcription.Do remember that you’ll be able to play the songs only if you are able to play each lesson at the tempo that’s mentioned at the beginning of each video multiple times!Always have patience, practice hard and you will reach your goal.​There goes a saying – Rome was not built in a day and neither was a Guitarist!


Section 1: Tune the Guitar

Lecture 1 Tuning

Lecture 2 Anatomy of the Guitar

Lecture 3 How to hold the Guitar

Lecture 4 How to hold the pick

Lecture 5 String Numbers & Note Names

Lecture 6 Right and Left Hand Position

Lecture 7 How to Fret a Note

Lecture 8 Whats an Open String?

Section 2: Open Major Scales

Lecture 9 C Major Scale & Open Major Scales PDF

Lecture 10 G Major Scale

Lecture 11 D Major Scale

Lecture 12 A Major Scale

Lecture 13 E Major Scale

Section 3: Open Minor Scales

Lecture 14 A Minor Scale & Minor, Pentatonic & Chromatic Scales PDF

Lecture 15 E Minor Scale

Lecture 16 B Minor Scale

Lecture 17 F# Minor Scale

Section 4: Open Pentatonic Scales

Lecture 18 A Minor Pentatonic – Open Position

Lecture 19 E Minor Pentatonic – Open Position

Section 5: Chromatic Scale

Lecture 20 Chromatic Scale

Section 6: Exercises

Lecture 21 C Major Scale in 3 note groupings & Exercises PDF

Lecture 22 A Major Scale in 3 note groupings

Lecture 23 G Major in 4 Note Groupings

Lecture 24 A Minor in 4 Note Groupings

Lecture 25 E Minor Alternate

Lecture 26 F# Minor Alternate

Lecture 27 A Minor Pentatonic 3 Note Groupings

Lecture 28 E Minor Pentatonic 3 Note Groupings

Section 7: Major Chords

Lecture 29 C & Major Chord Shapes PDF

Lecture 30 C#

Lecture 31 D

Lecture 32 D# – Eb

Lecture 33 E

Lecture 34 F

Lecture 35 F# – Gb

Lecture 36 G

Lecture 37 G# – Ab

Lecture 38 A

Lecture 39 A# – Bb

Lecture 40 B

Section 8: Minor Chords

Lecture 41 Am & Minor Chord Shapes PDF

Lecture 42 A#m – Bbm

Lecture 43 Bm

Lecture 44 Cm

Lecture 45 C#m

Lecture 46 Dm

Lecture 47 D#m – Ebm

Lecture 48 Em

Lecture 49 Fm

Lecture 50 F#m – Gbm

Lecture 51 Gm

Lecture 52 G#m – Abm

Section 9: Strumming

Lecture 53 Strumming Pattern 1

Lecture 54 Strumming Pattern 2

Lecture 55 Strumming Pattern 3

Lecture 56 Strumming Pattern 4

Lecture 57 Strumming Pattern 5

Lecture 58 Strumming Pattern 6

Lecture 59 Strumming Pattern 7

Lecture 60 Strumming Pattern 8

Lecture 61 Strumming Pattern 9

Lecture 62 Strumming Pattern 10

Lecture 63 Strumming Pattern 11

Lecture 64 Strumming Pattern 12

Lecture 65 Strumming Pattern 13

Lecture 66 Strumming Pattern 14

Lecture 67 Strumming Pattern 15

Lecture 68 Strumming Pattern 16

Lecture 69 Strumming Pattern 17

Lecture 70 Strumming Pattern 18

Lecture 71 Strumming Pattern 19

Lecture 72 Strumming Pattern 20

Lecture 73 Strumming Pattern 21

Lecture 74 Strumming Pattern 22

Lecture 75 Strumming Pattern 23

Lecture 76 Strumming Pattern 24

Lecture 77 Strumming Pattern 25

Lecture 78 Strumming Pattern 26

Lecture 79 Strumming Pattern 27

Lecture 80 Strumming Pattern 28

Lecture 81 Strumming Pattern 29

Lecture 82 Strumming Pattern 30

Section 10: Chord Changes

Lecture 83 Important Detail about Chord Changes

Lecture 84 C Dm

Lecture 85 C Em

Lecture 86 C F

Lecture 87 C G

Lecture 88 C Am

Lecture 89 Dm Em

Lecture 90 Dm F

Lecture 91 Dm G

Lecture 92 Dm Am

Lecture 93 Em F

Lecture 94 Em G

Lecture 95 Em Am

Lecture 96 F G

Lecture 97 F Am

Lecture 98 G Am

Lecture 99 G Bm

Lecture 100 G D

Lecture 101 Am Bm

Lecture 102 Am D

Lecture 103 Bm C

Lecture 104 Bm D

Lecture 105 Bm Em

Lecture 106 C D

Lecture 107 D Em

Lecture 108 D F#m

Lecture 109 26

Lecture 110 Em F#m

Lecture 111 Em A

Lecture 112 F#m G

Lecture 113 F#m A

Lecture 114 F#m Bm

Lecture 115 G A

Lecture 116 A Bm

Lecture 117 A C#m

Lecture 118 A E

Lecture 119 Bm C#m

Lecture 120 Bm E

Lecture 121 C#m D

Lecture 122 C#m E

Lecture 123 C#m F#m

Lecture 124 D E

Lecture 125 E F#m

Lecture 126 E G#m

Lecture 127 E B

Lecture 128 F#m G#m

Lecture 129 G#m A

Lecture 130 G#m B

Lecture 131 G#m C#m

Lecture 132 A B

Section 11: Finale

Lecture 133 FInale

Perfect Guitar Course for Absolute Beginners.



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