Greywind Windmill for ZEBRA2

P2P | 29 September 2022 | 2 MB
Windmill is a collection of 132 presets aimed at “uncharted” mid-high sonic arenas of ZebraHZ. Centered around the idea of “movement”, as you play you feel the flow of motions carry through. One of the main goals when designing the soundset is to provide a body of instruments that can be performed by themselves while not sounding too “synthy”.

Articulations are crafted to accommodate different styles of playing and genres of music. Created with different but homogeneous “sceneries” in mind, Windmill depicts the “natural” sonic landscape with artificial inventions, hence the name. It is the perfect candidate for ambient supporters, blending in with orchestral colors, or to be supported by orchestral instruments. Rich in character and depiction, the soundset is suited from natural landscape to sci-fi settings. Simply layer few patches from different categories to test out an emotion.



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