Udemy iZotope RX 9 From 0 to Hero TUTORiAL

P2P | 29 September 2022 | 4.74 GB
Hi, and welcome to the most complete and up-to-date tutorial of the iZotope RX 9. Here we’re going to take a detailed look at every setting, module, and function of this powerful audio repair and restoration tool. While going through, we will discuss and actually try every component of the RX suite on various problems that audio recordings can possibly have. You also have access to all the audio files used in this course. After every chapter, you’ll be optioned to pass the quiz about the learned material, so you can check yourself.

Please note that I’m not the iZotope’s employee or some sort of influencer. This is why throughout the course I’m showing and explaining everything the way it is, without too much corporate euphoria.

The other thing I want to mention before you dive in – the course was narrated by the voice actor in pretty much an amateur manner, so, please don’t judge the general quality and value of this course by the narration quality. The voice recording itself also turned out to be a little noisy in some places (we can hear barely noticeable clicks, rustles, etc.). And since the overall length of the course is over 4 hours, it would take me ages to remove every single click and rustle :). However, you can always watch free previews of this course to understand if this is something you’d like to purchase.

I sincerely hope you’ll find a lot of useful information here and won’t waste your time. Please feel free to text me about anything that is not clear or makes you confused, I’ll be more than happy to help you!

Who this course is for:

•Recording and mixing engineers
•Interview and audiobook editors
•Video editors
•Voice actors



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