Learn the ART of 3D Game Assets Design complete workflow

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Duration 2h 30m MP4

Learn the ART of 3D Game Assets Design – complete workflow

Learn 3d game design, 2D game art, 3D game art, Game level design, #maya, texturing , lighting and rendering

What you’ll learn

Creation of Game Ready assets
Modeling and Texturing of game ready assets
Game development
Process of creating game ready assets
Lighting and Rendering in Marmoset tool bag


This course is Beginner friendly. Just have a System/laptop with required software installed in it. (autodesk Maya, Maxon Z- Brush, Adobe Substance painter)


In this course you will get the knowledge of 3D applications like Autodesk Maya, Maxon Z- Brush , Adobe Substance Painter and Marmoset tool Bag.

There is no pre-requirements for this course.

List of Software’s Required

*** Any version of Autodesk Maya ***

*** Maxon Z-Brush ***

*** Adobe Substance Painter ***

*** Marmoset Tool Bag ***

Enroll Now And Become A Game ready Assets Designer / 3D modeling artist

What you will learn

1. Quick_maya_interface_overview

2. navigation and component modes in maya

3. component mode and tools

4. create and set project

5. setting up the real scale world reference

6. quick_overview_of_UV_unwrapping

7. asset_UV_unwrapping

8. prepearing model for zbrush

9. importing_asset_in_zbrush

10. quick_zbrush_interface_overview

11. adding_details

12. Decimate master

13. adding_details_on_plane_geometry

14. exporting_asset_for_substance_painter

15. importing_model_into_substance_painter

16. quick_substance_painter_overview

17. intro_to_texturing_in_substance_painter

18. texturing_plane_in_substance_painter

19. exporting_textures_from_painter

20. importing_model_and_textures_in_marmoset_tool_bag

21. lighting_and_rendering_in_marmoset_tool_bag

22. turn_table_and_final_Words

Learning outcome as an Artist :- In this course we are going to emphasis more on the work-flow, Once the artist is comfortable with the work flow, they can create complex models in no time. you can follow along with the with the course or you can learn the process first and create your own model. and if you feel stuck or having any quires regarding with the course , feel free to ask us , we will revert back to you within 12 hours.

Who this course is for:-

Anyone Who wants to Create a game ready assets for game engine.

Anyone Who wants to learn the pipeline to create the game ready assets.

Students of Game design course

Anyone Who Knows Programming And Wants To Learn Game Development(You Need To Learn Unity Interface)

Enroll Now!! You Will Not Be Disappointed!!

Thank you !!!!

Who this course is for:

This course is for those who want to learn game design / modeling of 3D objects for game
Want to learn the pipe-line in order to create a game ready assets using indusrtial standard software






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