Selenium Ide Basic Of Test Automation Webdriver Locators

Last updated 11/2020
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Learn all about test automation in Selenium IDE + element locating strategies used in WebDriver Selenium.

What you’ll learn
General principles of using Selenium IDE
Learning the most important commands of Selenium IDE
Creating automated test cases by recording your actions in the browser with hands-on exercises
Creating automated test cases manually with hands-on exercises
Basic developer tools skills
Learn various webpage element locating strategies to help do better test automation
Learn the basic locators (Id, name, linkText)
Learn advanced locator Xpath
Learn CSS Selector
Basic knowledge about software usage
Basic HTML / CSS knowledge can be useful but is not necessary
Willingness to learn and solve tasks
In my conversations with people who were thinking about test automation carrier several needs kept coming back quite frequently, such asI am wondering if test automation is something for me.I am looking for a course with more focus on practical exercises.I do not have so much time. I need something short and condensed instead of multi-hour waffling on a single example.I have created this course with hope that it will answer those needs.Selenium IDE is the best first step in test automation.Because if you have very basic programming skills or don’t have any, you can successfully complete the course and understand the most important concepts behind test automation.Unlike most Selenium IDE courses out there you will actually learn how to automate tests on real-life examples.You will first start by learning the basics of creating a test script and assertion techniques, and the course evolves from there. I use easy to understand examples to simplify even the most difficult concepts.The course will help you understand:How Software Tester work looks like,What exactly test automation is,Why locators in test automation are so important.Become an expert in locating elements strategies!The underlying motivation for the course is to ensure that you’ll gain solid skills in locating elements on the web page. 50% of success in automation are good chosen locators. This is universal knowledge that will be useful in other more advanced automation tools, such as Selenium Webdriver.This is a practical hands-on course. Although we will spend some time dealing with some of the theoretical concepts. The majority of the course will focus on :Automating test cases, Using developer tools, Implementing different techniques and strategies to locate elements on the web page.Some of the tests that we will automate include booking a hospital appointment feature and the whole test scenario for contact us form on an online shopping page.Each video inside the course will teach you a new concept or technique which you may apply to your own projects immediately.After taking this course you will be able to easily write automated tests in Selenium IDE along with applying good practices. Also, you will know if working as a Software Tester is for you.Condensed and practical knowledge about test automation is now available for you. Subscribe now!






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