Truefire Jeffery Marshall s Modern Rock Improv Tutorial

Truefire Jeffery Marshall's Modern Rock Improv Tutorial screenshot13TH OCT 2022 | 5.57 GB

10 Powerful Improvisational Approaches for Modern Rock Guitar
Whether you’re improvising solos on the fly or composing them note-for-note, having a pocketful of melodic, rhythmic and creative devices to draw on is the key to crafting compelling solos that grabs the ears of your audience.

Jeffrey Marshall’s Modern Rock Improv fills ALL of your pockets with 10 of the most powerful improvisational devices for Modern Rock guitar soloing.

”In my experience as both a teacher and a player, the 10 improvisational devices that I cover in this course produce the most impactful results.

I’ll breakdown all 10 of the devices and then we’ll apply each of them over a modern rock jam track. They’re all easy to learn and you’ll be able to put them to use immediately.

We’ll explore ways to improvise more melodically with chord tones, build motifs and give your solos more shape. We’ll cover odd rhythmic groupings, superimposed arpeggios, creative scale patterns, and many other creative strategies to take your modern rock improvisation to the next level.”

Play your way through the course, and learn 10 Modern Rock improvisational approaches: Improvising Melodically with Chord Tones, Giving Your Rock Solos More Shape, Creating Motifs, Odd Rhythmic Groupings & Phrasing, Using Triads, Superimposing Arpeggios, Intervallic Applications, 3 Note Per String Ideas, Creative Scale Patterns for Improvisation, and Alternate Scales for Rock Improv.

You’ll have all of TrueFire’s advanced learning tools at your finger tips to personalize your workspace and learn at your own pace.

You can loop, slow down, or speed up any section of a lesson. Plus, all of the tab and notation is synced to the videos for the optimal learning experience. You’ll also get tab and standard notation files to print out, Guitar Pro files, and all of the backing tracks to practice with.

Grab your guitar, and let’s dig in with Jeffrey Marshall!

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