Using PhotoShop like a Pro

Published 10/2022
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Easily learn four pro tricks of photoshop

What you’ll learn
Remove an object or person from a picture
Changing cloth color of a ladies!
Create advertising posters
Changing hair color
You’re gonna learn for pro tricks of photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, preferably the latest version.
General knowledge of Photoshop

Hi welcome back!

I’m really happy to be here with this great course.

This is really important matter you need to know if you wanna be successful Photoshop user you need to spent enough time to practice practice and practice.

So, do your best and be patient.

This course includes

Graphic key details

Simplify complex content

Interconnected topics

Step-by-step training steps

Professional and accurate selection of characters and objects without the slightest mistake

Change the color of the characters in the most detail without resizing other parts of the image

Improve the sharpness and quality of surfaces and colors typography

Text design on the image with the most modern and beautiful techniques

Learn to change the style of light and brightness and darkness

Increase and decrease the strength of colors and their intensity

Training to make magazine photos and cosmetic images with marketable quality

Learn to remove images from the middle more efficiently without changing the background, and make them disappear without the viewer noticing the changes and omissions.

Change the subject’s hair color without disturbing the details of the images and enhancing its beauty

Simultaneous practice of several educational projects and different images to increase the impact of students’ learning

Learn how to export and save created images quickly

Short course for the convenience of students

Familiarity with all shortcuts during training

So, with many great tip and trick here i am to help you to become the pro Photoshop` user.

Why you’re waiting?

Let’s get started!

Who this course is for
Any person who wants to learn the pro tricks of Photoshop






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