AKAI professional QuadComp v1 02 BEAT

BEAT | 13 January 2004 | WinALL | 1,7 MB
The QUADCOMP is a multi-band compressor/expander that can be used for mastering

Whilst it is possible to use an ordinary compressor for tightening up and adding
punch to a stereo mix, it is very common that low frequencies can cause ‘pumping’ effects on the overall signal. However, by splitting the signal into four different frequency bands, each frequency region can be separately processed. This is achieved on the QUADCOMP using a series of crossover filters. These filters are constructed as linear phase FIR filters in order to produce a signal path which is perfectly free of phase errors.

At the top of the panel, you can set the crossover frequencies for the four bands. Each band has controls for THRESHOLD, RATIO, ATTACK and RELEASE and as these are adjusted, so the compression curve is shown graphically. The GAIN control allows you to compensate for level changes that may occur.

Input and output levels for each band are shown as is the amount of gain reduction.

The two switches at the top allow you to switch the panel between the multi-band compressor and the multi-band expander.

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