Soundtrack Loops Foley V6 Sounds Of Mexico City WAV FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 12 October 2022 | 120 MB
Soundtrack Loops presents Foley V6 – Sounds of Mexico City Sound Effects & Rhythms. Musician / producer / Foley designer Edgar Lopez is back with his eighth Soundtrack Loops release, Mexico City. While we marvel at Edgar’s blistering production pace, let’s take a look at what we have in this title.

Churning through 90, 120, 150 and 180 BPM, and for a total of 202 samples, Edgar takes us on a wild ride that immediately brings to mind the classic glitch music of the early aughts—if you like Mouse on Mars, Matmos, and Uwe Schmidt, and especially if you appreciate their most whimsical work, then Mexico City will certainly bring a smile.

The sounds are rich with authentic inner-city vibes—chaos, urgency, impatience, vibrancy, grit, atonalities—and the spirit is strong, as expressed in a vast array of beats: breakbeats, fractured rhythms (again, classic glitch) equatorial street rhythms, stomping beats, and more. The sonic jewels are delivered with the same signature that runs through every Lopez collection in the Soundtrack Loops catalog—bright, crisp, and exquisitely soundstaged. Beyond the beats, the one shots folder lets you peer deeply into the Foley and location recording DNA, where it becomes obvious that Edgar’s perception of the world is one in which every object has a rhythm, every noise is music, every scenario is a song, and there’s an abundance of joy and strangeness everywhere he looks.

Features: 120 Royalty free Sounds of Mexico SFX, Foleys and Loops | 82 One-Shots



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