Wingfox Level Up Your Digital Painting Skills 2 0 New Upgrade with Wong Yu Ing

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Duration 13h Project Files Included MP4

Title: Wingfox – Level Up Your Digital Painting Skills 2.0 – New Upgrade with Wong Yu Ing

In this tutorial, I divide it into 4 chapters which are Tools Intro, Creative Outline, Bunny Black and White, New Year Alice. At the very beginning of the Tools Intro, I will show my workstation, how I use my figure lighting desk to understand lighting, what tools I used for collecting references, and the brush I used and its update. In the Creative Outline Chapter, I will tell you how I changed images into lines and how I stitch a new concept of art with them. There are four examples showing you how I changed the images to lines. In the Bunny Black and White chapter, I will show you how to use black and white —— the two contrastive colors coloring on a character and how to apply the other colors on the black and white color base. In the final chapter, I will show you my color shading techniques. I also provide files of each chapter that you will need so that you have no obstacles in studying. In this tutorial, you could explore the possibilities of Photoshop in painting. Students can sprout from my knowledge to explore new functions and build their own paintings skills.






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