Alien Connections ReValver DX v1 0 AiR

AiR | 6 September 2006 | WinALL | 2,7 MB
Wouldn’t you like to have a real vintage guitar amp in your computer? Effect plug-in containing over 50 chainable sub modules specially designed for guitar sounds. Plug-in of type DirectX (both 16bit and 32/64* bit floats).

The plug-in supports DXi, and will be found in the “softsynth” menu if the host supports DXi, or it will be found in the menu for regular effects if no DXi.

– ASIO engine in ReValver Live
– WDM Kernel Streaming engine in ReValver Live
– More efficient MME engine in ReValver Live
– New presets
– Compatible with 64 bit float streams
– A denormalization issue has been fixed
– Significantly reduced RAM consumption
– The program can now be run on ANY x86 processor
– including older Pentiums, K6 etc…

Included modules:
– 14 Preamplifiers
– 8 Power amplifiers
– 21 Speaker types
– 3 Echo/Delay
– Room simulation
– Chorus
– 4 Reverb types
– Tremolo
– Trim pot
– Compressor
– Parametric filter
– Graphical equalizer
– 2 Noise gates
– Auto Wah-Wah






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