Crysonic SpectraPhy VST v1 0 AMPLiFY

AMPLiFY | 12 August 2006 | WinALL | 7,1 MB
Spectra’Phy is the first Mastering grade look-ahead brickwall limiter of it’s type to utilize the principals of mechanical physics for Audio processing. The innovative approach represents a paradigm shift in the way these types of DSP effects have been designed to date. The unique method employed easily allows the mastering engineer to achieve maximum perceived “loudness” transparently without ever getting overshoots (Digital-over’s) with minimum audible distortion. The characteristics of the final audio can quickly be adjusted to taste, be it analog or digital with only two rotary-dials. The drive / color dial component also allows the addition of analog saturation when “running hot”, this can naturally be disabled if not required. Spectraphy has been designed for ease of use and efficiency in mind without sacrificing creative freedom.

What makes Spectra’phy process unique is the novel approach used for its dynamic signal analysis. Internally Sprectra’phy utilizes a special physics engine to accurately simulate multiple response signals to maximize the perceived signal volume and to also “brick wall” upper limit to peak set levels. Final response curve is computed on the analysis of multiple simulations each having different characteristics that are driven mainly by incoming transient signals concurrently. This approach tends to produce a more natural sound, almost completely eliminating the risk of introducing audible nonlinear distortion.

Spectra’Phy features:
– NEW Physics based Peak Limiting
– Maximum transparent loudness
– Look-ahead Brickwall limiting with no overshoots
– Variable Limiter mode (Analog / Physical – Digital / Current)
– Elasticity – Limiter Transient (Peak) response strength / Speed
– Saturation / Drive Dial
– VST Automation for all parameters
– Gain reduction and RMS meters
– 64-bit internal precision
– 24bit/96Khz audio support
– Highly optimized custom DSP code
– For Mastering, Mixing and Tracking






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