Gpu Audio Beta Suite Modulation Bundle v1 0 0 10 WiN

FREE | 14 October 2022 | 141 MB
The Modulation Processing bundle includes classic modulation effects processing, to give character and variation to the sound of your tracks, busses and masters.

This doubler machine, gives birth to the charming sound of stereo chorus, to widen your sound while controlling low end in mono. From standard chorus effects on vocals and guitars to wild sound design, this is your go-to for stereo doubling, shimmery effects and more

Inspired by 1960s classic Phasers, add this to your chain for retro guitar tone, timbral motion over strings and pads, and more! This plugin is perfect for those who like to explore evolving sonic textures

We took the classic auto-flange and gave it some spirit. Modify your stereo image from slow and gentle vocalization to extreme manual sweeps for building up the tension before the drop!



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