Spectral Plugins Spacer v1 0 0 WiN MOCHA

MOCHA | VST2/VST3/AAX | 153.04 MB
Start small, build big – discover new sonic expanses with Spacer, a modular creative effects station where time and space are united as one.

Spacer’s Reverb module provides the perfect foundation for adding depth and expansiveness to your sound. The effect is a classic algorithmic reverb with the full range of knobs you’d expect, which means you can easily dial in some initial size or position it at the end of a chain to maximize lushness.

As well as an algorithmic reverb, Spacer also has a Convolution module with 110 Impulse Responses to choose from, captured via a mixture of recording and synthesis. Select from three distinct categories: Hall for large spaces, Room for smaller spaces and Synthetic for unique and creative spaces.

Combining Spacer’s powerful granular engine with an expansive reverb, Grain Reverb is your go-to creative effect module for building rich textural ambience. The individual grains of your processed sound are each given their own reverb treatment, which in turn creates a multitude of reflections that interact with one another, producing an immersive layered effect.

The first of Spacer’s time-based effects is the Delay module, which is an essential stop-off if you want easily configurable signal repeats. Develop your sound across the full width of the stereo field, either syncing the feedback signal to the beat or opting for a more free flowing approach using milliseconds.

Spacer’s second granular effect module is Grain Delay, where you can break down your signal and cast it out into the void, receiving a host of otherworldly reverberations in return. Alongside standard delay controls, the module’s granular parameters allow fine control over the size and behaviour of the grains, while pitch-shifting functionality is also provided (powered by Zynaptiq ZTX LE).

The Utlities section is a two-page module that contains additional tone-shaping controls and a powerful multivoice chorus. Boost high-end shine with Air or front up your signal with a mid-range Presence adjustment, get a vintage, aged feel with Saturation, and spread out into the stereo field with Dimension and Haas effect parameters.

Spacer has five effects modules which can be linked in any order to generate infinite FX combinations, but are also designed to work as independent processing stations in their own right. Send your signal into orbit using algorithmic, convolution and granular reverb, and simple and granular delay, to create dreamlike overtones, shifting soundscapes or contemporary ambiences.

Spacer’s granular engine allows you to create transformative spatial environments and motion effects by deconstructing your audio signal and then reassembling it in new ways to produce three-dimensional, otherworldly sounds. The Grain Reverb and Grain Delay modules are dynamic granular effects that process your signal in real-time with unique results. Both effects are powered by Zynaptiq’s high-quality pitch-shifting technology to allow granular transposition, perfect for conjuring up ethereal tones or dark undercurrents.



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