ZAK Sound Orange Dreams Lite VST3 AU WiN macOS

FREE | WiN/macOS | 204/207 MB
Orange Dreams Lite is a plugin ideal for lofi and chill beats, including 17 presets of synths, digital pianos, and sounds.

62 presets including keys, basses, synths, sounds, and strings.
Sounds designed and processed to get that vibe characteristic of chill beats like lofi, hip hop, jazz hop, or chill hop.
Controls over envelope (ADSR), wave modifier, high and low range, low pass/high pass, curve speed, and three modes.

Sounds designed to get that chill vibe
The 62 presets were designed and created to produce that unique chill feel of lofi, chill hop, hip hop, or similar styles.
It’s inspired by the combination of the sunset’s orange colors with the dreams left in the past.

These are divided into:
17 Orange Dreams Sounds: Orange Dreams’ proprietary category includes unique sounds to form the melodies of chill beats.
10 Basses: Ideal basses for calm styles and some others a little more crunchy.
9 Keys: Digital pianos and keyboards ideal for creating base patterns for songs.
11 Strings: Modified string instruments for an exclusive and relaxed tone.
15 Synths: Synthesizers to colorize and create a chill and relaxed atmosphere.
Controls and functions to customize the tone
orange dreams plugin
The controls and functions of Orange Dreams make it possible to set the desired tone and place it in the ideal spot.

The range of controls allows you to modify sounds towards more atmospheric or drier, thicker or thinner, and much more.

Envelope: ADSR controls
Settings: Mode (Polyphonic, monophonic, and legato) and curve (normal, weak, and strong).
Tone: High range and low range.
Wave: Three modes (Pitch, expression, and pan). Wave selection (triangle, sin, saw, square, exponent). Speed ​​and depth knobs.
Low pass / high pass filters

3 GB (Complete) / 400MB (Lite) of free disk space
Compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10 (only 64 bits).
A VST3-compatible DAW.
4GB RAM (Recommended)

3 GB (Complete) / 400MB (Lite) of free disk space
Compatible with macOS El Capitan to Monterey.
A VST3 or AU compatible DAW.
4GB RAM (Recommended)
* Native Apple Silicon support



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