Microcontroller Programming

Published 10/2022
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Master Microcntroller Programming

What you’ll learn
Master Microntroller Programming
Master 8051 Microcontroller
Master and Implement 8051 Input and Output Programming
Master and Implement 8051 Branching programming
Master and Implemtent Microcontroller timers programming

No Prerequists or Requirement needed this course for beginners

Do you want to learn hardware programming? but you do not know where to start

Do you want to learn Micro-controller Programming? but you do not know where to start

if yes this course is absolutely for you.

However, if you already know the micro-controllers work, you are not sure how they also programmed this course for you.

In this course, we will go in step-by-step starting from the general definition of microcontroller all the way to how to program timers and serial communication in 8051 Microcontroller.

we will start with

what is microcontroller?

what is the processor of 8051?

what is the memory of 8051?

what are the ports of 80551 microcontrollers?

what is the serial port communication of the microcontroller?

what are the timers of Microcontroller?

Then we will start talking in details about the memory organization of 8051.

then, we study the PSW Register of 8051.

after that, we will start the programming using assembly language

1- steps to write 8051 Program

2- How to use the keil simulator to write assembly language program.

3- loops in assembly language

4- branching in Assembly language

5- stack memory programming.

6-Input and Output programming.

7- Arithmetical and Logical Instructions in Assembly.

8-Interrupts programming.

9- Timers Programming.

10- Serial Communication Programming.

Who this course is for
Anyone wants to learn Microcontroller Programming

Microcontroller Programming






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