Yamaha VOCALOID 6 v6 0 1 SE

Vocaloid,是日本乐器制造商雅马哈公司开发的电子音乐制作语音合成软件,输入音调和歌词,就可以合成为原为人类声音的歌声。2003年2月推出首个版本,2007年1月推出新版本VOCALOID 2。2008年4月4日,发表开发在线版“NetVOCALOID”[2][3],9月30日于“CEATEC JAPAN 2008”正式展示,可于网页浏览器直接使用,相比非网上版,因为是由服务器计算合成声音,客户端的电脑负荷可大大减低[4]。2009年4月9日正式公开,服务提供于部分手提电话。VOCALOID 3于2011年10月21日正式发售。时隔3年后VOCALOID 4于2014年11月20日正式公布,于2014年12月31日发售。2018年7月12日,VOCALOID 5正式公布[7]。2022年,VOCALOID 6发布,导入了AI引擎。

Team SliverFox | 16 October 2022 | 457.2MB

Since the release of VOCALOID5 in 2018, Yamaha has been working on a new artificial vocal synthesis engine VOCALOID:AI.

On October 13, 2022, Yamaha officially released the synthesis program under the product name VOCALOID6. The new VOCALOID6 includes artificial intelligence-based voice synthesis library support and compatibility with existing databases.

Achieve the sound of a natural singing voice
The latest version of VOCALOID: continued evolution
VOCALOID has continued to evolve since its release in 2003.
VOCALOID6 uses AI technology to generate a highly expressive singing voice that’s more natural than ever before.
The editing tools and features are now even more useful, bringing you more freedom in your music production to unleash your creativity
Elevate your music production workflow

New Features of VOCALOID6
VOCALOID6 offers new features to make vocal track production more convenient.
These new features offer a more intuitive and smoother music production workflow.
This function is essential for producing high-quality vocal tracks. With VOCALOID6, you can now instantly create harmony parts.
You can import vocal data to replicate your singing style as-is, as a VOCALOID voicebank.
You can now sing lyrics in a mixture of Japanese, English, and Chinese with a single voicebank. This gives you the freedom to write lyrics that transcend language barriers.

This is a cracked version of VOCALOID6. not includes the Basic Runtimes.
About Basic Environment
1.Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x64)
2.Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 Redistributable Package (x64)
3.Microsoft .Net Desktop Runtime 6.0.0 (x64)
4.Windows 7 and Above is required,64bit Operation System
About How To Start
This crack is a clean editor.you must install VOCALOID5/6 Libraries to use it.
Now the VOCALOID6 Website give out the trial link and includes 4 demo libraries in the zip.you can download them to try the AI libraries.
You can also install the Cracked VOCALOID5 Libraries in AudioZ. VOCALOID3/4 is support too,but if you installed the POCALOID3/4 Libraries,see below.
About How To Use POCALOID3/4 Libraries
We don’t have an importer built into this packages. But the program is compatible V3/4 Libraries. You can go to the following method to import.
Way 1: Use the importer of VOCALOID5.
Way 2: Go to the registry and edit them. Take POCALOID4 for example
1.Copy the contents of the HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\POCALOID4 directory to HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\VOCALOID4.
2.And make sure that HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\VOCALOID4\DATABASE\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\KEYS directory has more than one REG_SZ type Key. you can just create something new to meet this condition. (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a 16-bit long COMPID)
3.Open VOCALOID6 SE and try it.
PS:VOCALOID4.1 sound library (Cyption), VOCALOID3 sound library similar.

System Requirements
Windows 10 Version 21H2 (or later)





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