iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced v10 1 1 macOS

macOS | 15TH OCT 2022 | 3 GB
Achieving a professional master is faster than ever with Ozone 10. With the industry’s most advanced mastering suite, you can add the final polish to your tracks and release them with confidence.

What’s New in Ozone 10?
Match top masters

Effortlessly achieve the sound of chart-topping hits or your favorite reference file using groundbreaking matching technology for tone, dynamics, and width. An updated Assistant View makes it faster than ever to customize your starting point.

Automatic clarity

Sculpt a balanced sound with the new Stabilizer Module, an intelligent and adaptive mastering EQ. Dynamically shape your mix into a clear, natural tone, or tame problem resonance, carve away harshness, and smooth transients for better translation across listening environments.

Add musical movement

Enhance the rhythm and feel of your tracks by intuitively controlling microdynamics with the new Impact Module. Four sliders work across different frequency bands to breathe life into your mix, adding punch and dynamic space, or gluing your track together for a thicker sound.

Zoom in

Boost loudness while maintaining high fidelity audio with the new Magnify Soft Clip. Bring your track forward using the soft clipper to amplify the Maximizer’s IRC algorithms used on countless hit records.

Get more from mono

Reduce width, without losing the sides. The new Recover Sides feature maintains stereo information in mono so you can preserve depth and power when narrowing problem frequencies like a wide bass.

Version 10.1.1 released October 14, 2022
Updates & Improvements
Master Assistant now creates custom Stabilizer tonal balance targets from reference files.
Note: only newly created targets will have custom Stabilizer targets
Master Assistant will not attempt to widen the low frequency band if the source is very narrow.
Global Amount controls in the Equalizer and Imager modules now support host automation.
TBC meter band labels no longer change color.
Improved tooltips for the two Gain Match modes depending on which is active.
Reduced the hover area to highlight a band's gain trace in the Impact module. 
Removed unnecessary Plug-in Host options in the General options.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Imager's Recover Sides "Gain Offset" control was not properly adjustable in Pro Tools.
Fixed an issue where "Delta" or "Band Solo" caused unexpected gain changes when Modern Gain Match was active.
Fixed an issue where the Master Assistant “Target Library” would not scroll to the position of selected target.
Fixed the General option to "Dim controls when bypassed", which would not turn off.
Fixed an issue where changes made to Vintage module knob controls would not post to Ozone's Undo History.
Fixed an issue where a module's "New Preset" button could fail to function properly in certain circumstances.
Fixed a crash that could occur if Master Assistant was run without proper access to necessary resource files.
Fixed a crash that could occur when uploading a silent audio file as a custom Assistant target. 
Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting the detail view tab during Assistant’s “building chain” phase.
Fixed a crash that could occur when using the tab key to cycle focus through controls in the Equalizer module HUD.

iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced v10 1 1 MacOS


MORiA | September 10 2022 | AU | VST3 | AAX | 496 MB

Ozone 10 THE FUTURE OF MASTERING Building on a 17-year legacy, Ozone brings balance to your music with the latest advances in machine learning for mastering audio. The choice of professional mastering studios around the world, Ozone Pro provides the final polish that makes your music sound dynamic, colorful, and competitive in any genre.

Ozone 10
Ozone 10 DynamicEQ
Ozone 10 Dynamics
Ozone 10 Equaler
Ozone 10 Exciter
Ozone 10 Imager
Ozone 10 Impact
Ozone 10 LowEndFocus
Ozone 10 MasterRebalance
Ozone 10 MatchEQ
Ozone 10 Maximer
Ozone 10 SpectralShaper
Ozone 10 Stabiler
Ozone 10 VintageCompressor
Ozone 10 VintageEQ
Ozone 10 VintageLimiter
Ozone 10 VintageTape

System Requirements
macOS Catalina 10.15.7 +
For macOS High Sierra users: All Plug-Ins are Work







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