ConcreteFX Industry VSTi v2 3 iNViSiON

iNViSiON | 3 November 2003 | WinALL | 2,8 MB
Industry is a PC VSTI soft synth which can create a range of big and powerful leads and basses as well as lots of other sounds.

– Four oscillators, each can use 14 different built in waves or 8 user drawable waves

– Each oscillator has pulse width modulation, syncing and ring modulation

– Complex FM routing where any oscillator or filter can be the modulation source

– Two 12/24 multimode filters including ring mod & comb

– Each filter has a waveshaper and the volume of the filter can be altered by the note played so you can have dual timbre presets, one sound for lower notes and another for upper notes

– Parameters controllable using twenty stage vari-slope envelopes with definable sustain and release points and by one of five LFO

– Ability to evolve new patches using Evolver

– 16 step note sequencer,with control of volume, pan, filter frequency and envelope length

– Works in poly, mono, legato , arpeggiator & step sequencer modes

– Distorter, chorus and cross delay effects

– All the parameters controllable by midi with a midi learn function 160 presets and a full manual included

New features:
– Completely new GUI
– Much less CPU used , up to half as much CPU for some patches
– Faster loading / saving of presets
– Less memory usage and more stable
– Lots of other small improvements and bug fixes






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