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H2O | 9 February 2005 | WinALL | 7,8 MB
DART XP Pro… The complete audio recording, restoration, editing, and CD burning solution that offers the easiest, affordable way to achieve professional results. You will be astounded by the power and range of the new, enhanced restoration tools and the exceptional audio quality it delivers. Use DART XP Pro to record from any audio source, or use on existing digital audio files to clean up even the most troublesome problems. Use the included CD burning utility to organize your audio files into custom play lists and burn standard Audio CDs that can be played in any CD player. It’s that easy.

A new look for a new millenium! The DART XP Pro graphic interface has been overhauled for a more “fresh” and dynamic feel. We’ve added support for XP skins, provided new “transport” controls and other graphic enhancements.

Now choose between two methods of spectrum estimation – the nonparametric (FFT) approach and the parametric (AR) approach. Use the Dynamic Noise Reduction option, to control the amount of hiss removal that will be performed, dependent on the volume and frequency content of the audio at any given point

DeNoise FFT/AR
Now choose between two methods of spectrum estimation – the nonparametric (FFT) approach and the parametric (AR) approach. The new Noise Floor parameter lets you set a ‘crossover’ volume point, above which the adaptive (“dynamic”) hiss reduction filter is activated.

remove clicks and pops with more precision using the Frequency Selective Option. Control a cutoff, or crossover, frequency and any audio below this cutoff frequency, selectable in Hertz (Hz), is ignored by the DeClick Plus tool.

allows you to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the lead vocalist performance from almost any stereophonic recording.

allows you to simulate the acoustics of different environments.

Shift pitch
allows you to change the pitch of a WAVE file recording without modifying its duration.

Speed up/Slow down
allows you to change the duration of a sound file without altering the pitch.

Input Volume Control
gives users a quick and easy method for controlling the PC soundcard’s recording volume controls, right within the DART XP Pro “Record” window.

Expanded and enhanced Help systems
new HTML Help, Tips and Guides make learning and using the software even easier than before! Modified functions and new features! –

Fast file preview
makes viewing and editing very long audio files much faster and more convenient. Easier to use dialog windows – the new DeClick Plus, DeHiss Plus, DeNoise Plus, DeHum and MyFilter tools allow users to test different settings without leaving the main processing window.

Long file names – Any “registered” soundfiles can have arbitrarily long names (their rootnames are no longer restricted to six characters).

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